Creative & Corporate Headshots Brisbane

Headshots are the visual representation of your professional self. At Dylan Evans Photography, we pride ourselves on working
with you to deliver a product you will love.


Understanding that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, we coach you through the process so you feel relaxed, at ease and looking your very best!

Whether it’s an update to your LinkedIn profile, or a killer corporate headshot you seek, we tailor the shot, location and style to exactly what you’re after. Dylan Evans also specialises in office photoshoots if your're looking to capture your business personality and environment. Talk to a professional today to discuss how we can achieve a headshot you’re proud of.

Frequently asked questions

1. What should I wear?

You're encouraged to wear an outfit similar to that which you would normally wear in your line of work. Typically, classic clothes and colours work well and the images last longer as they're not as readily identifiable by the "trend" of the time. That being said, if you're known for rocking bold prints, go for it! The aim is for you to feel comfortable in yourself and your outfit, a suit and tie isn't for everyone.

There are some things to keep in mind with your outfit choice:
- Try to avoid pinstripes, houndstooth, or other small and busy prints, our screens tend to distort these prints once processed. If you remember those "magic eye" books as a child, that's the sort of distortion we're talking about
- It goes without saying, washed and pressed outfits are a winning ticket
- Black fabric tends to lose colour over time and washes, so if you're jam is all black, check first that it's all within the same shade
- White shirts are great, until you've worn it too many times and that collar is looking a bit dirty. Again, check first that your white is as crisp as you'd like.
- If in doubt, go ahead, treat yourself to a brand new wardrobe! You deserve it.

2. How should I pose?

Don't worry, we can't all be models, our photographer on the day will show you different ways to pose and stand to get the best out of the shoot. Your own company may have provided a style guide / instruction to us to follow as well. Here are some examples below of different poses.

3. What support will I be given?

We do this for a living so you're in excellent hands with Dylan Evans Photography. We will give you tips and tricks along the way of how to stand, how much smile is a good amount, where to put your hair, and the age old question... what to do with your hands!

4. Other helpful tips and tricks?

1. There's nothing worst than lumpy pockets, so remember to take phones, keys, wallets out of your pockets before the shoot
2. If you have a fluffy pet like us, a quick lint roll before the shoot won't go astray
3. Most of all, have fun!