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The Importance of Professional Corporate Headshots: Making a Strong First Impression

Updated: Feb 12

First impressions matter! It can set the tone for how clients perceive your business, and it is not just about what you say. How you look also matters.

Professional Corporate Headshots Image

Research shows that it only takes a tenth of a second to form an impression about a person, and that impression does not really change over time. Studies have also shown that these impressions are not only formed when you meet physically but can be formed by just looking at a photograph.

This research shows the importance of having professional headshots. In today's fast-paced digital world, you want people to always see your business in the best light online. A professional headshot to make the best impression in those first few seconds is what you need.

At Dylan Evans Photography, we have the tools and skills to give your business face that edge of professionalism you seek. With our corporate headshots, your business can make the best first impressions on your websites and social media platforms.

Why Do You Need Professional Corporate Headshots?

In today's competitive digital world, businesses need headshots to stand out to potential clients and the public. However, you might still be wondering why you need to invest so much in corporate headshot photography. Here are some reasons why Dylan Evans Photography should be your next headshot photographer in Brisbane.

1. Build Trust with Clients

Customers are important and one of the ways to establish a positive connection with your potential clients is through a smiling headshot on your website and social media pages. This first impression will help to foster trust with your target audience even before you meet with them physically.

Professional Corporate Headshots image 2

Quality headshots are also important in building trust in our digital world, as most potential customers interact with your business online before they meet with you in person. A high-quality headshot will help potential clients know who they are speaking with and can also increase their trust in the reliability of your business.

2. Portray Your Company's Values

It may be difficult to state that one of your company's values is professionalism if your employees’ pictures are casual selfies or cropped photos that do not show the employees' faces clearly. Potential clients want to see the expertise and seriousness of your business through the quality of images you publish on your website.

Depending on the kind of business, you might prefer to have casual corporate headshots to portray the human side of your business. However, even these pictures have to be taken professionally to show that you take your company's values seriously.

3. Add Personality to Your Brand

It is important to put a face to your brand. Even when your customers have never met with you physically, they can relate to your brand's personality when there are real-life people representing your brand’s identity.

Having friendly faces attached to your brand makes potential customers feel connected and relatable. Knowing the people behind a company can assist your clients in communicating better and can foster a strong relationship, even without meeting in person. It can also make it easier for clients to recommend a business with a known face to another person.

4. Put Your Best Foot Forward

The goal of every business is to sell, and professional headshots can help you do just that. What most people buy is not often the product or service but the person behind the product or service. With quality headshots, you can put your best foot forward and show that your company is right for the job.

Professional Corporate Headshots Image 3

A corporate headshot can portray your company as an industry leader. It shows that you care about the small details and headshots can be all your business needs to distinguish itself from other businesses. It can also make your website and social media pages more noticeable among many other websites and companies.

5. Use Your Headshots Anywhere

You can use your headshot in multiple ways. While professional corporate headshots might not seem necessary, one of the many benefits of headshots is that you can use the photographs in many ways on multiple platforms.

One round of professional headshot photography can serve as profile photos on social media pages, website pages, flyers, and even business cards. You can also use headshots for your Google account or in an article or blog. In this way, headshot photography not only helps you make the best impression but also saves money in the long run.

The Power of Professional Headshots

A professional headshot may appear like a small part of your professional image, however, the research above has highlighted how important it can be.

Professional headshots are not like any other photo. These photographs represent your brand, speak to your company values and beliefs, and show your commitment to professionalism.

A high-quality headshot is a must if you want a strong first impression in this digital age. You cannot just put any image online. You want your first point of contact to speak to the core of your business. Therefore, you need executive portraits taken by a professional photographer.

Should I Take New Headshots?

Although you have taken professional executive portraits before, you might need to take new headshots. Your headshots need to be recognisable at all times and not misrepresent your employees. It’s recommended to take a new headshot if you have changed your physical appearance since your last headshot, to ensure your customers recognise and trust you.

If your appearance has stayed the same, it’s recommended to have new professional headshots taken every one to two years.

Getting Your Professional Headshots in Brisbane CBD

Now that you know the benefits of professional headshots, do you want to get into a studio for your headshot? It is essential that you use a professional headshot photographer. Professional photographers know how to handle the camera and can also ensure your headshots capture the true essence of your business.

At Dylan Evans Photography, we can help you take professional headshots that will portray you and your business at its best. We can create a relaxed environment to help us get the best shoot at any office location within Brisbane. You can also get expert guidance on posing, posture, and clothing. Our professional lighting will also help bring out your best features.

Contact us for your corporate Brisbane headshots today!

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