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Tips for Posing and Expressing Confidence in Corporate Headshots

Updated: Mar 25

A good headshot is essential to your brand identity. You use it on your website, LinkedIn, and other social media profiles. It is crucial to get it right, which is why many people use professional photographers for their headshots.

Many people feel uncomfortable standing in front of the camera, even when using professional photographers. While a professional portrait photographer like Dylan Evans Photography can make taking corporate headshots easier, you still need to do your part in poses and expressing confidence.

With our corporate headshot tips, you can prepare well for your headshot photo session. Even if you have never taken corporate headshots, you can get your headshot poses right.

Important Corporate Headshot Photography Tips

A good headshot shows your personality, increases engagement, and builds trust in yourself. However, you don't want to waste your time and resources at a photo session without getting the desired shots.

1. Practice Before Going to The Studio

If having your picture taken seems uncomfortable or unfamiliar to you, you can make the process easier by practising before going to the studio. Your family and friends can photograph you in your intended outfit.

This practice will help you get comfortable in your own skin. Having an informal session can also help you practice posing for corporate headshots and allow you to examine how you look in the pictures to know what to do at the shoot.

2. Clothes Mean A Lot

What you wear for your professional headshot is very important. You’ll want to wear clothes that show your personality, but you must keep it simple, avoid any T-shirts with graphics & don't choose clothes with loud patterns or tiny stripes due to the effect they can have on the photos.

You should also feel relaxed and confident in the clothes you choose. Stay true to your brand and personality. You can choose clothes with subtle branding colours if necessary. Otherwise, dress to flatter your eyes, skin, and hair. You should also consider that the portraits can be changed to black and white when choosing the colours of your outfit. A few test photos during your practice session can help you figure this out.

3. Keep Accessories Minimal

Unless your brand identity calls for it, you want to keep the accessories minimal. You don't want anything that will distract from your headshot. If you use props, ensure they are relevant, like a cup of coffee or a laptop.

If you're a regular glasses-wearer, stick with them. However, if they're mainly for computer use, it's your call. Just make sure to avoid those pesky glass lines on your face when you take them off. Keep your lenses clean for crystal-clear eyes in all your shots!

4. Prep Your Skin, Hair, and Makeup

Get ready to rock that professional headshot! Your skin, hair, and makeup need to be on point. If your photographer's throwing some artificial lighting your way, watch out for the shiny, sweaty, or greasy look. A touch of makeup works wonders, especially on those scorching days. Don't forget to give your face a quick refresh with a wash or a wipe – picture-perfect vibes are incoming.

If you are using makeup, keep it as natural as possible. Professional headshots are not the same as a picture of you on your night out. You can use bold lipstick if you prefer, but nothing overboard. You also want to comb your hair beforehand and keep it neat around the edges. No one likes to see messy hair, and photoshopping hair can be challenging. Whatever you do, ensure every detail reflects your professionalism in your business headshot.

5. Clear the Time

There is a temptation to breeze in and out of your photo session because you are using professional headshot photographers. However, even professional headshot photographers need time for the best results.

Ensure you arrive early for your appointment, at least 10 minutes before, and give a 10-minute allowance at the end. Headshot photos can sometimes take more time than planned.

6. Ensure You Are Relaxed

Prioritise your well-being before the shoot by getting good rest and staying hydrated. Your headshot will radiate when you feel refreshed and energised!

Don't rush into the headshot session, take a deep breath first, you can use a relaxation technique that works for you to get comfortable. Your headshot photographer will also help you stay relaxed throughout the session.

7. Try Different Poses and Expressions

Try out different angles and poses, you can learn how to pose for corporate headshots by checking other people's shoots.

Your eyes are also crucial in a headshot and the first thing people notice in a professional portrait. Your eyes should be well-lit, sharp, and in focus. You should also maintain eye contact with the camera lens to show your emotions.

Book A Studio Session with A Professional Headshot Photographer

Getting the best corporate headshots for your brand is a joint venture between you and your photographer. Don't worry; we know how to help people pose for corporate headshots at Dylan Evans Photography. However, you should take the eight headshot tips explained above seriously, as these tips can make a difference in the final results of your headshots.

At Dylan Evans Photography, we have the equipment and experience to ensure you have a good time while taking professional headshots. You can have your portraits taken in your office or other settings of your choice.

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